Adoptable Animal of the Week: Zsa Zsa

Ahoy, Wagglers, and welcome to this week’s adoption spotlight. Today’s featured adoptable animal is Zsa Zsa, a 2-year-old pitbull mix from San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

zsazsaZsa Zsa sports a stoic gaze, but in reality she is about the silliest dog you will ever meet.

She is great with other dogs, but she is her own best source of entertainment. Zsa Zsa loves to run around with a bouncy ball (make sure it’s a sturdy one) and throw it in the air and chase after it when she fails to catch it.

Note: Zsa Zsa is terrible at catching stuff but she excels in chasing after the treats and toys she drops.

Aside from being a playful goober, Zsa Zsa is very sweet and friendly. She is also unaware of her strength and size, which means she might cuddle up in a lap too small or give a hefty pull on her leash. But it’s only because she’s just so excited about playing and meeting people.

If you want to meet Zsa Zsa, visit San Francisco’s Animal Care & Control or go to their website by clicking here. Or, watch Waggle’s Facebook video below, featuring our beloved Zsa Zsa.