Adoptable Animals of the Week: Helena & Sugaree

The countdown to the weekend begins with Waggle’s weekly feature: adoptable animals. This week’s spotlight falls on two lovable doggos, Helena & Sugaree.

Helena hails from the San Francisco SPCA. She is very unique–Helena is a deaf Dalmatian mix with striking blue eyes. But a lack of hearing doesn’t stop her from doing, well, anything. She is still very alert of her surroundings and, most importantly, nearby empty laps. Human Beans beware: she will attack you with kisses and cuddles.




And from San Francisco Animal Care & Control we have 2-year-old Sugaree. Is she a boxer? Is she a beagle? Is she a pug? No one can be too sure. What we do know is how playful and sweet she can be. Sugaree is just as excited to sit next to you at the table as she is to find a new toy to play with.

Learn more about Helena (here) or Sugaree (here) by watching their Facebook debuts below.