Adoptable Animals of the Week: Honey Boy and Melody

Ahoy, Wagglers. It’s that time of the week when I, your humble editor, spotlight two new adoptable animals from our friends at the shelter. This week we felt a lot of pit bull love, so allow me to introduce Honey Boy and Melody.

honey_boyAs sticky sweet as his name, Honey Boy is made of only two ingredients: fur and love. Honey Boy may look tough, but in fact he is a self-proclaimed “softie.” He is happy to cuddle on the couch while you binge Game of Bones, and he is equally happy to go on a spontaneous hike!

Honey Boy loves treats and tennis balls and learning tricks but not nearly as much as he loves Human Beans. Once he spots an empty lap, it’s over. Nothing, not even his size, will stop Honey Boy from curling up on, around, or beside someone.

He is up for adoption at the San Francisco SPCA, and you can visit their website here for more information about Honey Boy and how to adopt him.

Next up is Melody, who also has a name as sweet and enticing as her personality.melody1

What makes Melody unique is her ears: one is always up, the other always down, which gives her an adorably quizzical look.

She may look like a doey-eyed pup, but Melody is full grown at two years old. And she knows how to reel people in: one gaze into those beautiful brown eyes and you will be begging to bring her home.

Melody is very eager to show off her mastery of tricks.

“HERE’S MY PAW,” she said upon introduction.

“HERE’S MY PAW,” she said again, a moment later.

Melody is up for adoption at SF Animal Care & Control, and you can learn about her and other adoptable doggos on their website.

Watch the videos below to get a glimpse into what makes each of these spotlight animals perfect for your home.