Adoptable Animals of the Week: Jackson & Angie

Ahoy Wagglers and welcome to this week’s adoption spotlight! Today we have Jackson and Angie, two gorgeous and goofy dark-haired dogs who are anything but somber.


Jackson, from the SF SPCA

Jackson hails from the San Francisco SPCA and can be described in one word: stunning. He has a very distinguishing coat, long legs, and perky ears.

Is he a wolf hybrid or a Hollywood-bound canine star? No one can know for sure, though the Human Beans at the SPCA say he is simply a lovable 4-year-old Australian Shepherd mix.

But Jackson doesn’t seem to notice. He is as humble as he is handsome, and his biggest priority in life is to gnaw on whatever tennis balls he can find.

Want to shower Jackson with all the toys and affection he could ever need? Head to the SF SPCA and adopt this big guy today!

Angie, from SF Animal Care & Control

Angie, from SF Animal Care & Control

Next up is Angie. What she lacks in size she makes up for in spunk! Only 8 months old, Angie is a Labrador/pit bull mix but it is hard to tell because she has the face of a puppy (and it looks like she always will).

She is an excellent cuddler, and she is prone to demand cuddles even in the middle of a walk. Angie is quiet, well-mannered, and inquisitive about her surroundings. And if her surroundings include an empty lap in need of a doggo, so be it. Angie’s on it.

This adorable bundle of love is up for adoption at SF Animal Care & Control, so head to their website to adopt or donate today!