Adoptable Animals of the Week: Puppies!

Doona & Campari

A hardy welcome, Wagglers, to another adoptable animal feature! This week’s shelter spotlight happened to fall on the same day as National Puppy Day (one of Waggle’s favorite days), and so we met, you guessed it, puppies!

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From the San Francisco SPCA we have a litter of spunky gals: Doona, Edelweiss, and Campari.

Unfortunately, Campari has already been adopted (those cute faces find homes fast!) but she still wanted to tag along and have a good time with her sisters.



All three puppies are Labrador Retriever-mix and from the same litter, even though Doona & Edelweiss look like pale twins while Campari sports an all black (and fuzzy) coat.

And if you need help telling the two apart, keep an eye out for Edelweiss’ white streak down the center of her face.

Doona is the curious one, Campari the sweet one, and Edelweiss the troublemaker.



Edelweiss and Doona are available for adoption at the San Francisco SPCA, and you can visit their website by clicking here!

Watch Waggle’s celebration of National Puppy Day in the video below, where our Human Bean friends hangout with the absolutely lovable Campari, Doona, and Edelweiss.