Adoptable Animals of the Week: Ratthew McConaughey & Ratrick Stewart

Ahoy, Wagglers. It’s Friday, which means it is time for our adoption featurette. This week’s spotlight is unique not only because it features adoptable rats but also because an animal was adopted right in the middle of our live stream on Facebutt!

Rico, from San Francisco’s Animal Care & Control, was strutting his stuff in front of the Waggle community when a wonderful Human Bean came by looking to adopt him. You can watch the video below.


Ratthew McConaughey, from the SF SPCA

And at the San Francisco SPCA we met Ratthew McConaughey and Ratrick Stewart, two adventurous rodents looking for a home.

Rats may seem like an odd choice for pets, but they are actually very friendly and sociable animals.

Take Ratthew McConaughey for example. He is content to sit on a lap or nestle in his cage, observing the world.

Or Ratrick Stewart, whose favorite activity is to see the sights from his perch on Human Bean shoulders.

Ratrick Stewart, from the SF SPCA

Ratrick Stewart, from the SF SPCA

These two fellas get along great, and they can be adopted together or individually. The adoption fee is only $25, and you can learn all about them on the SPCA’s website here.

Watch these rats’ debut on Waggle by clicking on the video below. Until next week, Wagglers!