Adoptable Animals of the Week: Stella, Pancake, & Tiger

Avast, Wagglers! As you can see we have not one, not two, but THREE spotlight animals to introduce to you this week. More animals, more love, as I like to say.

Stella 2_25e

Stella, from the SF SPCA

Stella and Pancake are two small dogs from San Francisco’s SPCA. Stella is an older lady–around 10 years old–but she doesn’t look it and she certainly doesn’t act it. Her mind is sharp, her coat luscious, and her energy youthful. Stella is a Jack Russell terrier who loves treats and chin scratches. She will even roll over! Very impressive, Stella.

Then there’s Pancake, an even smaller small dog. Pancake is a 2-year-old Chihuahua/terrier mix. She can be a little reluctant to join the excitement of the group, but she is still friendly with other dogs and people. Just have some patience

Pancake, from the SF SPCA

Pancake, from the SF SPCA

and a few treats on hand, er, hoof, and she will snuggle up to you in no time.

Pancake and Stella are up for adoption at the San Francisco SPCA (check out their website here).

And from San Francisco’s Animal Care & Control we have Tiger, who, yes, gets his name from his unique markings.

"Say what?!" -Tiger, from ACC

“Say what?!” -Tiger, from ACC

Everything about Tiger screams “PUPPY!” His eyes, his perky ears, his silly frolicking. But he is a full-grown boy, about one-and-a-half years old. He is energetic and excitable but knows when to focus (that is, when the treats are near). Pigeons? Don’t faze him. Squirrels? Meh, he just wants to hang out with people and a few good chew toys. Oh yes, and a big yard.

Tiger is up for adoption at SF Animal Care & Control (and their website is found…here).

Watch the videos below of Stella, Pancake, and Tiger all enjoying their well-earned playtime.