Adoptable Doggo Has Epic 5K Run Finish!


Good form, doggo!

Salutations friends! Zoot the Dragon here to report on a truly epic event that took place at Main Line Animal Rescue’s 6th annual Tails & Trails 5K Run/3K Walk, a fundraiser held by generous human beans to raise money for homeless furbabies. The run itself was fantastic, with over 400 participants racing (not including doggy friends), but by far the most amazing part revolved around the antics of hilarious adoptable puppy Newport. Your reporter has all the details you need (I flew overhead to watch the whole race)!


A happy furever family.

Newport started the race off like a dragon chasing a butterfly – that is to say, fast (we dragons love butterflies). She flew forward by her runner’s side, confident in her stride…until about halfway through the race. That was when poor Newport realized 5K is much longer than she thought – despite various rumors in Doggoland the “K” in 5K does not stand for “Kibble.” Common pupper misconception! Newport tried to push on, but her paws were simply too tired to continue her long journey. But she didn’t have to worry as her human bean was there to help!



Finish (47)

A photo finish!

Instead of giving up, Newport’s strong human – this part truly brings a tear to your dragon reporter’s eye – picked her up and carried her the rest of the way until they crossed the finish line! You can see the heartwarming moment the two completed the race to the left of these amazing words I’ve written.

In the end the pair celebrated their accomplishments with plenty of water and yummy treats. And that’s it: another amazing tale of friendship between human bean and furbaby that can warm even the chilliest of hearts. You can read even more about Main Line Animal Rescue’s Tails & Trails Run by clicking these magic words. Until next time Wagglers, take a page from Newport’s book and never give up! See you later friends!