Dog Professor’s Interview Interrupted By Puppies

Earlier this week, Professor Dog took time out of his busy schedule to interview one of his fellow scholars from University Town, Pawbert E. Barky. The interview was done by video call and was meant to discuss the rising demand of delicious dog treats. Professor Barky phoned in from his home office.

Prof. Pawbert E. Belly (via @chevitheb on Instagram)

Prof. Pawbert E. Barky (via @chevitheb on Instagram)

However, the interview was interrupted by some unexpected guests: the professor’s young litter of puppies! One puppy with perky ears came bouncing in carrying a chew toy. Then another puppy, wearing one of dad’s classic bow ties, ran in to join the fun. Pawbert tried to hold his puppies back so he could continue answering questions.

Four more adorable puppies followed, clearly having no idea that their dad was in the middle of some important work.

Pawbert apologized to Professor Dog multiple times.

The video of the two professors’ interview has since gone viral, and Professor Barky has rescheduled another interview with Professor Dog, this time in person.