What is Waggle?

Waggle is a new media company from Broadway Video Ventures focused on pets and animals. BVV is the digital media arm of Broadway Video, the company that produces SNL, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers and many other great comedy programs. Waggle has released a variety of products, including a live streaming application, and runs contests on its website (www.waggle.tv) for videos from its audience of pets and animals.

How can I enter a contest?

Go to the Waggle webpage (www.waggle.tv) and see which contests are currently running. It’s easy to sign up for a user account and submit your videos to whichever contest you would like.

What kind of videos should I submit?

Waggle runs many different contests on its webpage, so make sure your video is the best fit for the contest you want to enter. Remember to include a captivating description about your video so that people will know immediately what your video is about and watch and vote on it. You can submit as many videos as you want to a contest. A video that doesn’t win can be re-entered later.

Are there any technical specifications for my videos?

Try to keep your videos under 40 MBs. Larger videos take longer to upload to our page and some videos won’t be able to upload at all.

How can I be featured on Waggle’s social channels?

If you want to appear on a Waggle channel (take over our FB or our Snapchat, for instance) submit your video to a contest or just email us at admin@waggle.tv. We’ll be in touch directly!

What if I want to talk to a human being at Waggle?

We’re always standing by to answer any questions. Just email admin@waggle.tv and we will get back to you.