What is Waggle?

Waggle is a new media company focused on pets and animals from Broadway Video Ventures. BVV is the digital media arm of Broadway Video, the company that produces SNL, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers and many other great comedy programs. Waggle’s first product is a live streaming application that lets you broadcast the life of your animal friend and watch and comment on the streams of others. Waggle promotes highlights and users from its live streaming app on its social channels and Website.

What should I stream on Waggle?

Please only stream animals! Any kind of animal: cat, rat, dog, horse, koala, komodo dragon, ladybug, whale or prairie dog — if it’s not a human, you can stream it!

How should I stream with the Waggle app?

If you’re streaming your pet, we recommend having a fun activity your pet can do to create a great broadcast. And please try to stream for more than one minute. If you stream for only a few seconds, no one will see your stream. Try to get on your animal’s level and stream close to them — if you’re streaming a dog taking a walk, you don’t just want to stream the back of the dog. Make sure you’re capturing your animal’s face. And don’t forget to hold your mobile device steady!

How can I be featured on Waggle’s social channels?

If you want to appear on a Waggle channel (take over our FB or our Snapchat, for instance), just email us at matt@waggle.tv. We’ll be in touch directly!

What if I want to talk to a human being at Waggle?

We’re always standing by to answer any questions. Just email admin@waggle.tv and we will get back to you.