Favorite Waggler Gifts: Valentine’s Edition

Ahoy mateys! Everyone loves getting Valentine’s Day presents – even furbabies like your favorite sailor Buffalo Springfield! Read on to discover some very special Wagglers’ favorite V Day gifts. Avast!


Brady the Dachshund: “Yummy roses to chew on are the best! With thorns on the side, of course. Mmm so tasty!”






Maya the Bully: “Pizza!”

Editor’s note: “Maya you can actually eat pizza whenever you wa-“






Peony the Pig: “Tutus! They’re very pink and very adorable, just like me!”







Coach the Boston: “Boxes. Even though they are evil and must be destroyed…boxes.”






Coco: “Funny costumes!”

Pablo: “But only when they are accompanied by delicious treats.”

Coco: “Yes, my brother is correct: treats are essential.”