Furbaby Plea: Make Every Day Fat Tuesday!

Ahoy friends! As you all know yesterday was what human beans refer to as “Fat Tuesday.” But the celebrations are over after only 24 hours which is why I, Buffalo Springfield, am here to issue a plea on behalf of pets everywhere: MAKE EVERY DAY FAT TUESDAY!

Allow this former pirate/current editor to elaborate: furbabies never want to be sad. Eating makes furbabies happy. Fat Tuesday is all about eating and joyfulness until it ends then furbabies get sad! Hence every day should be Fat Tuesday so furbabies never have to stop eating and can always feel happy!

Just imagine if instead of putting cake away when Fat Tuesday ended human beans just brought out MORE CAKE. The beauty of such a special sight would bring tears to this nautical buffalo’s eyes.

So that is our proposal friends. Please consider it carefully and make the right next move (which involves much more yummy food). We wait eagerly for human beans to respond! Shiver me timbers!