Incidents of Sudden Naps Increase Due to Warm Weather

Dogs? Not immune.

Hallo friends, is me Red Ted. I have been hibernating in Sibearia, but now I wake up and return to report for Waggle. Good to be back.

Many bears like myself wake up from hibernation, but I hear rumors about animals on opposite side of world “falling victim” to sleepiness in the sun. They sleep for few hours, not months, then return to normal.

This is strange. So I investigate further, and find out rumor is true! Furbabies all over the world sit in sunlight, then BOOM they are asleep.

"Another one bites the dust," as the Americans say

“Another one bites the dust,” as the Americans say.

How do animals get anything done? Any cure for Sunny Sleepy-time Syndrome (I come up with name myself)? Not sure. All I know is Sibearian winters make me strong and, how you say, immune. More information soon. In meantime, if furbabies need place to sleep, I own great couch-surfing business perfect for naps.