Lost Doggo Reunited with Owner LIVE on Waggle!

Amazing news, friends: Hershey the Doggo, who recently got lost in Austin, Texas, was reunited with his human bean owner LIVE on Waggle’s Facebook!

The trouble started when Hershey, ever the inquisitive pupper, ran out of his daddy’s parked car to go explore the many wonderful scents Austin has to offer. Hershey was on the trail of a delicious pancake stack when he realized his daddy’s car was nowhere in sight! But Hershey was not to worry: superhero Wagglers Diana and Laura were there to help!

These amazing human beans found Hershey and kept him busy with many cuddles until his owner could be located. And suddenly, thanks to the magic of microchips (very important technology given to human beans by we dragons), his daddy was found! Hershey and his owner were brought together shortly after in a tearful reunion (of course as a dragon I have no tear ducts, but if I did I assure you they would have been overflowing with salty water).

Hershey was reportedly overheard thanking his rescuers profusely before assuring his daddy there would be many many snuggles upon his arrival back home. We’re so happy for you Hershey!

Watch the reunion for yourself below!

Featured image credit: http://bit.ly/2mldM4d