Meet Waggle’s New Furry Family Members!

As magic dragon CEO of Waggle it is my tremendous pleasure to introduce our company’s newest family members: Puma the Cat and Buster the Puppy! These furbabies earned the honor of becoming official Wagglers earlier this month when they were adopted by two of our human bean staff members.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.02.52 AM

Puma loves to chill.

Puma is a 7-year-old Tabby/Calico cat who was waiting patiently to be adopted at San Francisco’s Animal Care and Control before being discovered by her human bean mommy. She’s made herself quite comfy in her new home and now alternates her time between snacking on cream cheese and unwinding on her human bean’s lap (as demonstrated in our exclusive Waggle picture-thingy!). Puma also loves getting scratches and will subtly demand attention with a headbutt to the hand – classic kitty technique. We’re so happy to have you in the family, Puma! Our staff is always around if you ever need help finishing your serving of cream cheese.

UPDATE: check out Puma’s first live stream on Waggle’s Facebutt page below!

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.26.17 AM

Puppy posing.

Buster is a 10-week-old Labradoodle living the puppy life in New Jersey with his recently adopted family. This doggo may be young but he already has numerous interests and hobbies, including chewing on shoelaces – preferably attached to leather boots – and waking his mommy up in the middle of the night to announce he’s gone potty on his pads. Buster is also very proud to announce he’s trained his owners to give him yummy sweet potato treats whenever he sits (human beans are such good listeners!). Welcome to Waggle, Buster! You’re welcome to visit our offices…once you’re potty trained. Be sure to watch this pupper’s live debut on Waggle’s Facebutt page!