Pupper Has Successful First Day at Park!

Zoot the Dragon here to report on Waggler Glee the Golden Retriever’s very first visit to the dog park. And good news, friends: it was a success!

Of course the day started off with many emotions that every doggo feels about this most important rite of passage – excitement, happiness, even some anxiety (‘Will the other puppies like me?’ ‘What if someone steals my favorite toy?’ ‘Does my butt smell okay?’). But like any Golden Retriever worth her stuff, Glee isn’t one to turn away from a challenge. She strutted her stuff into Madison Square Park with all the grace and confidence of a 3-year-old even though she’s only 4 months! By the time her round of running, sniffing, and puppy tackling was done she’d met several adorable furbabies to call her new friends.

Congratulations to this tough as rawhide Golden pupper for officially proving there’s no big girl adventure she can’t face. Let me know the next time you’re at the park so I can fly over and play too, Glee!

Be sure to check out the whole amazing experience as it was broadcast live on Waggle’s Facebutt, posted for your viewing pleasure below!