Waggle’s Facebook What to Watch: “Dog or No Dog”


A fun day at Kriser’s!

UPDATE: “Dog or No Dog” had its live premiere on Waggle’s Facebook and was a HUGE SUCCESS! Congratulations to our pupper contestants (you guys have serious skills), and thank you to our friends at Kriser’s for being such amazing hosts. Watch the amazing live stream below!

PREVIOUSLY: Greetings friends! Zoot here, your favorite dragon CEO, to tell you about an incredibly exciting event taking place LIVE on Waggle’s Facebook Tuesday, April 4th: “Dog or No Dog,” a new game show presented to you from our fur and human bean buddies at Kriser’s Natural Pet, a unique series of pet stores devoted to helping pets live happy healthy lives, naturally

What type of game show is “Dog or No Dog,” you ask? The answer’s simple – the best type, because every contestant is an excited pupper ready to win. A few lucky doggos will compete in a series of fun physical and mental games to get prizes like fancy new furbaby outfits, stylish collars, and yummy bones provided by Kriser’s.


This doggo’s ready to play.

But, like all savvy dragons, I’ve saved the best part for last: you human beans can win prizes too, just by watching the premiere of “Dog or No Dog” live! Our animal staff will choose 5 Facebook viewers at random to receive Kriser’s gift cards ranging from $50 to $100 (that buys a lot of treats and fire-resistant toys, even for a magical creature like me).

That’s all for now Wagglers! I have to go set up the studio for “Dog or No Dog” and make sure the contestants are all happy with their dressing room toilet water – a CEO’s work is never done. We can’t wait to see you on our Facebook LIVE on Tuesday, April 4th at 11:30am EST/8:30am PST!